Tips for a comfortable trip

September 16, 2016

Out and about with your baby? AeroMoov helps you on your way!

Going out with your baby is great, but requires quite a lot of organisational talent. It becomes routine after some time, but it takes a little getting used to at first. Sometimes you would like an experienced mother to help you out.

This is why AeroMoov created a handy checklist for you, so you don’t forget anything, and can go out without a care. Here it is!

  1. Take a dummy and your child’s favourite cuddly toy. It will console him/her when he/she gets tired.
  2. Take enough to drink with you, and some healthy snacks. Perhaps a portion of fruit or mashed vegetables if your child can’t chew yet.
  3. Take a bottle of water and milk powder with you. You can put the powder in practical stackable pots.
  4. Put enough nappies and wet wipes in the bag. Plus a towel or a mat to change nappies.
  5. A bib is always handy, so are wet wipes to clean faces or to freshen up. You can also put a wet flannel in a plastic bag.
  6. Take some toys with you to prevent boredom.
  7. Don’t forget to take a sunhat and high factor sun cream if the weather is hot, and perhaps also a little pair of sunglasses.
  8. On colder days an extra blanket is handy, as well as a hat, a scarf and warm mittens. Make sure your child is wrapped up warm.
  9. A clean shirt and some clean clothes often come in handy.
  10. Do you already have an AeroMoov Air Layer ? AeroSleep created this liner with breathable layer of air especially for cars seats and buggies. The special 3D honeycomb structure makes sure your child doesn’t perspire on hotter days. Body heat is easily replaced by cooler ambient air, so he/she won’t get a wet back and will moan less.

Take AeroMoov along with you and enjoy your trip to the full!

Have fun!