Tips for a comfortable voyage

September 16, 2016

A relaxed car ride with your baby? Our ten indispensable AeroMoov tips!

You will probably also be going on holiday soon. A short or a long trip, it doesn’t matter: you also want this trip to go as smoothly as possible. During hot summer days it can be hard to keep your children happy on the backseat.

This is why we offer ten AeroMoov tips to make your trips fully summer-proof. With a focus on a good mood and the safety of your loved ones:

  1. Attach sun shades to the back windows. It saves a lot of heat. Traveling with bright sunlight in sensitive children’s eyes isn’t pleasant at all.
  2. Don’t dress your child too warm. Even just a romper is enough if the temperatures are extra sultry.
  3. Make sure your child drinks regularly. If he/she is a little older, you can fill a flask with water so he/she can drink as often as he/she wants.
  4. Regularly stop for a breath of fresh air. Preferably at a stopping place with a playground, so your little one can stretch his/her legs. Driving longer than two hours really isn’t nice for your little one.
  5. Keep enough provisions on hand. A variety ofpieces of fruit or a healthy biscuit can cheer him/her up when things get tough.
  6. Some children suffer from travel sickness. Find out about this at your pharmacist in advance, so you can take what’s necessary with you.
  7. Take a pillow for older children so they can have a comfortable nap.
  8. Provide enough games for distraction. Drawing material, travel versions of classic board games, books: if you look around you’re bound to find something to keep your child occupied for some time. Erasable markers are great for drawing on windows, or Aqua Doodle, a drawing pack with a marker that you only need to fill with water. You can also buy a whole range of small, cheap toys. Every hour when your offspring has been good, there will be a new surprise!
  9. A DVD player, tablet with games and films, or a variety of CDs with enjoyable children’s songs can also make time seem to go faster.
  10. Do you already have an AeroMoov Air Layer? This liner with breathable layer ensures that your child doesn’t perspire during the long drive. Traveling is so much more enjoyable without a wet back!

We wish you a safe, pleasant journey.