Doing grown-up things with a really young baby?

March 30, 2017

Are you afraid life will be a drag now that you have a baby? Afraid you’ll have to uproot your entire lifestyle? Having a baby obviously takes some getting used to. You have to acquire new habits and find a new balance. Initially it seems like your whole life has been turned upside down but after a few weeks things start looking up. Whatever the case may be, don’t let your new family member keep you from getting out and about.

Day excursions with your baby: yes you can!

Think for a minute: what do you like to do? And can you do those things with a baby in tow? In many cases the answer is yes. There is no lack of fun excursions you can take your baby on. For instance, you can take really quiet babies to visit a museum. Colourful paintings will definitely catch their attention because babies like colourful things. They can watch them for ages. Exactly how long varies from child to child. Take your baby’s character and rhythm into account and adjust the duration and the intensity of your visit if necessary.

More ‘grown-up stuff’ babies enjoy:

  • Going to the aquarium or zoo together. It’s a nice little excursion for you and all those moving animals are a treat for your baby.
  • Maybe you like going to music festivals? Nowadays there are quite a few child-friendly festivals that target families and that still bill innovative music. Some festivals even have a baby bar that has all you need to feed and take care of your baby! Be sure to use hearing protection when things get too loud.
  • How wonderful to take your baby to the pool! It’s the perfect opportunity to let your little one get used to being in the water. Maybe you have an inflatable swim seat so you can pull your baby around the pool? Nice and active for you and an adventure for your baby.
  • Plan a walking route and check whether the entire route is accessible for strollers. Usually you can check this online, or just contact your local town hall or the Tourist Office.
  • Do you like the city or do you like to go shopping? Then just take your baby along. Usually there’s much to experience so your baby won’t get bored. And if your baby becomes a bit overexcited or tired you can simply take a break. A quiet coffee house is the ideal environment for both of you to catch your breath and relax.

Tips for a pleasant journey

AeroMoov is your ideal companion for a comfortable excursion with your baby. We have developed a unique range of products that make travelling with your baby a whole lot easier. The Air Layer was developed for hot summer temperatures. This liner for your car seat, buggy or maxi-cosi stops your baby becoming hot and sweaty. The Air Layer has a cushion of air that ensures continuous ventilation.

The Air Wrapper keeps your baby nice and warm from autumn through spring in spite of winter temperatures. It is an extremely soft fleece blanket wrap with a unique Air Layer inside that keeps your baby from getting too warm. The Air Wrapper will fit any car seat or stroller.

Whatever your destination, AeroMoov makes every journey a comfortable one, both for you and your baby. Have fun!