Carefree holidays! What to look for when buying a travel cot.

April 21, 2017

A sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s? A nice long dinner at your friends’ house? Or are you going away for the weekend with the whole family? A travel cot for your baby always comes in handy. Babies need a good night’s sleep as well as the occasional nap so it’s important to have a user-friendly, comfortable and safe travel cot. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? What should you look for in a travel cot? Below we’ve listed the most important considerations.


A good travel cot

  • Fiddling about with a travel cot? Not exactly ideal if you’ve got a tired baby on your hands. That means you need a travel cot that is easy to set up and dismantle. Make sure a practical manual is included and check if everything is clear.

  • Want to be sure you pull it off? Then try it a few times at the shop. If it’s all a bit complicated then this model may not be the best choice.
  • Think carefully what you need the travel cot for most often. Short weekend trips or longer vacations? Staying over at grandma and grandpa’s or simply at home in your own garden? Should the travel cot be easy to fit in your car or take on a plane? Then check to see if it fits in your boot or whether it is compact enough to go in your hand luggage.

  • If you’re going on a really long holiday it’s important to take along a good quality mattress. With travel cots the included mattresses are often very thin. Select a travel cot with a high-quality mattress or take along an extra foldable mattress. This is very important to ensure your baby’s comfort.
  • Whether your baby is sleeping or playing in the travel cot, it’s always nice to be able to keep an eye on things. A travel cot with see-through sides is perfect for this purpose.
  • This type of gauze is also useful in terms of ventilation and air permeability: your baby can continue to breathe easily when its face is up against the sides. Does the travel cot of your choice have this as well?

  • Check the mattress as well. Does it fit snugly and is it properly attached to the bottom? If not then your baby might end up underneath. There should be no room between the mattress and the sides of the cot.
  • Make sure there are not too many trailing parts your baby can get caught on or hollow spaces to get trapped in.
  • Also take into account the weight of the travel cot once it’s been folded up. The lighter the better! After all, you’ll often be lugging it around together with a travel bag, a diaper bag or… your baby.


On the move with AeroMoov

AeroMoov developed a travel cot that meets all your needs. Setting up and folding away the AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot takes just seconds. It is super light (less than 5 kg) and complies with the strictest safety standards. The carrying bag is compact and sleek so you can store the travel cot in the smallest spaces, such as under the stairs or next to the wardrobe

The travel cot has two levels: a basic level and an intermediate level for babies up to two months. This way you don’t have to bend so far when picking up your baby or putting it down for a nap. A firm mattress in high-quality PU foam helps your baby get a good night’s sleep.

In short, the AeroMoov Instant travel cot is easy to take along, giving your little one the opportunity to take a nap anytime, anywhere under optimum conditions.