AeroMoov Air Layer

5 advantages of the AeroMoov Air Layer

May 21, 2019

It’s summertime, the sun is shining and you’re off work. The perfect time for a trip with your little one! You can have a walk in the park, go to the zoo or even plan a day trip to the seaside. A day for you and your kid to fully enjoy. Don’t forget to bring the AeroMoov Air Layer! The Air Layer makes sure your kid can enjoy the trip, even on very hot days. Below we listed the 5 biggest advantages for you:

  • Your kid will sweat less in a car seat or stroller with Air Layer. Thanks to the 3D structure, your child sits on a layer of air that removes heat and allows fresh air to circulate… resulting in dry hair and a dry back! You won’t have to pack extra clothes in the car or at the bottom of the stroller to change clothes after the ride. This allows more space for toys and snacks, that make your day even more pleasant.
  • Your child sits on a soft layer of organic cotton, which absorbs any excess sweat. No more complaining about sweaty hair or itchy fabrics. This layer ensures your baby has a comfortable, soft and dry seat.
  • Appearance matters, which is why we developed the Air Layer in 4 different colours. At the moment, the limited edition motifs are also still available! Their cheerful designs make everybody smile. Your little one can’t wait to get back in the car or the stroller.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t have any trouble installing the Air Layer. You can easily fasten this inlay into any car seat or pram. Please note that our Air Layers for car seats group 2/3 are not available with a buckle hole for the five-point harness. Only a limited amount of car seats as from group 2 use a fixed five-point harness, but for these car seats, there’s not yet a compatible Air Layer available.
  • You can wash the inlay at 40°C in the washing machine. The Air Layer dries rapidly so you can use it again very quickly. Your little one will not want to leave the house without it!