How safe is the AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot?

How safe is the AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot?

September 13, 2019

The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot is not only a practical travel cot but it’s also a handy playpen for your little one. At just 5kg it is very lightweight so you can take it anywhere. Moreover, it sets up and dismantles in a few seconds. You undoubtedly have questions about the sturdiness of such an ultralight and easily mounted travel cot. AeroMoov is here to tell you it’s very sturdy! Let us explain how this is possible.

AeroMoov: no tipping danger

Does your baby move around a lot in its sleep? Or does it get very enthusiastic when playing? Does your toddler climb out of bed on his or her own? No worries, you can let your little adventurer go right ahead because thanks to the sturdy frame the travel cot won’t tip. Moreover, the underside of the mattress is fitted with a sheet that provides added stability so be sure to always use the included mattress with the AeroMoov travel cot.

We also tested the stability of this camping cot by letting a slightly older child have a go at it. Our goal: tipping over the travel cot. Click here to see what happened:

No risk of slipping with this travel cot

The underside of the AeroMoov travel cot is watertight so you can set it up anywhere you like, even on a wet surface. Place the camping cot next to you by the pool or on the lawn in a public park and it won’t move an inch. Thanks to the combination of the sturdy frame and the top-quality mattress with stability sheet at the bottom, the cot will stand firm on any surface while keeping your baby comfortable.

AeroMoov travel cot: comfortable mattress included!

Oops, there’s a hole in the lawn… and there are pebbles here. These are just some of the everyday frustrations you have to deal with when looking for a safe and pleasant play environment. Thanks to the sturdy mattress in this travel cot your child won’t be bothered by the bumpy or wet ground. His or her back is perfectly supported and there’s no tipping risk.

So enjoy your time with your baby and let us keep your baby safe!

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