• -- Hannah S.

Now I know our daughter is always nice and warm without sweating profusely. The Air Wrapper is the best of both worlds!

  • -- Peter D.

We bought the Air Wrapper for its safety: the belts of the car seat are close fitting to the body and are not on top of the wrap-around blanket, which is extremely unsafe.

  • -- Bianca L.R.

Soft wrap-around blanket for in the car seat. Quality finish and extra advantage with a 3D structure inside.

  • -- Diego B.

We use the Air Wrapper in the buggy during outings. Very handy to use and easy to put inside and remove from the buggy!

  • -- Melissa J.

Very handy: when our son has fallen asleep in the Maxi-Cosi, we can then take him out in the wrap-around blanket without having to wake him.

  • -- Anoushka W.

We simply adore the mint colour!

  • -- Harald D.A.

Our little man sleeps soundly in it! Also very comforting to know that the extra heat is ventilated due to the Air Layer inside.