Pro-tip: you don’t need to unzip the halfway level for babies every time. It also folds up. You only need to unzip the halfway level when your child is big enough to sleep on the bottom level.

At just 5kg, the AeroMoov travel cot is a true lightweight. While this offers quite a few advantages, many wonder whether the travel cot is stable enough for older children who are capable of pulling themselves upright or who can climb out of the cot by themselves. We would like to emphasise that the AeroMoov Instant travel cot meets the most stringent requirements for collapsible travel cots as stipulated by EN716-1:2008 and A1:2013. To illustrate this, we deliberately unleashed a slightly older child on the travel cot. Our goal: tipping over the Instant travel cot. Watch the result in the video below!

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