About AeroMoov

AeroMoov aims to make life simpler for parents. Our goal is to inspire parents to go out and enjoy life, together with their children, without that everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feeling.

AeroMoov products keep babies comfortable and secure when on the move, in the city and off the beaten track. Our pursuit of safe, smart and high-quality products never stops. Being parents ourselves, we challenge our products to the maximum so that you can enjoy our easy-to-use products day after day.

Our values

Innovation: continuously looking for new technologies, we want to offer smart products that make a difference every day.

User-friendliness: experts by experience, we strive for products that combine aesthetics and functionality.

Honesty: we only market useful, relevant products. Moreover, all AeroMoov products are manufactured with the utmost care and – in line with our responsibility – subjected to the strictest quality standards.


Corporate social responsibility

AeroSleep supports a Doctors Without Borders project in Masisi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Doctors Without Borders works to provide basic health care, health care access, food, clean water and sanitary facilities there, and focuses specifically on care for women experiencing complications during pregnancy or after childbirth. The organisation also provides specific aftercare to victims of sexual and gender-based violence, including medical procedures and trauma treatment.

It also vaccinates young children against measles and provides special paediatric care. That is why AeroSleep wholeheartedly supports this Doctors Without Borders project.