About AeroMoov

AeroMoov offers smart products for active parents that like to go out with their children. The AeroMoov product range includes a breathable cover for use in car seats and buggies, keeping babies cool and dry whilst on the move. AeroMoov now sets out to conquer the market with an innovative new product: the Instant Travel Cot.

AeroMoov is part of AeroSleep SA, a young, innovative Belgian company which makes baby sleep products aimed at helping babies to sleep more safely and comfortably.


Corporate social responsibility

AeroSleep supports a Doctors Without Borders project in Masisi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Doctors Without Borders works to provide basic health care, health care access, food, clean water and sanitary facilities there, and focuses specifically on care for women experiencing complications during pregnancy or after childbirth. The organisation also provides specific aftercare to victims of sexual and gender-based violence, including medical procedures and trauma treatment.

It also vaccinates young children against measles and provides special paediatric care. That is why AeroSleep wholeheartedly supports this Doctors Without Borders project.