Anywhere. Together.

This is the world’s fastest travel cot. Take your little one with you wherever you go and experience the best family adventures.

More time for the good times

Ever wonder why there are so little hours in a day, now that you’ve got a baby? AeroMoov makes life easier, giving you more hours for you every day! Our practical, time-saving travel products make it easy to take your baby anywhere and everywhere. Meaning more time for friends, family, adventures… More time for the good times.

Air Layer

Reduces sweating & absorbs moisture

Air Layer

Instant Travel Cot

Set up in 2 seconds, pack up in 10!

Instant Travel Cot

Made for an easy life

We don’t just do pretty. We’re the pioneers of practical. It’s all about lighter, faster, easier. Like our AeroMoov travel cot, up in 2 seconds, down in 10. How’s that for time saving?

Staying one step ahead

At AeroMoov, we live up to our name. We never stand still! Our travel products are already way ahead. For instance our unique 3D-technology keeps fresh air moving around your little one’s head and legs. No more sweaty babies!


Limited edition

Air Layers

Loved by more than 1.000.000 families


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