Plane travel with your baby. It’s plain simple!

Calling all parents! There is absolutely no reason why, just because you have a baby, your wings are clipped. You can still hop on a plane and fly anywhere you want. Sure, travelling with a baby or toddler might involve a little extra planning, but just follow our step-by-step guide to plain easy plane travel, and up, up and away you go! 

Book smart

Your perfect plane journey starts way before you’ve stepped outside your door. Knowing what to look for when you’re booking flights can make all the difference to enjoying your plane journey with your little one.  

Before you go

Depending on where you’re starting from and where you’re heading, you might need to get a few important things in place before you set out.  Use our checklist to make sure you’ve covered all bases when travelling with your baby. 

  • Vaccinations.

    Do you need them? Unlikely unless you’re travelling to the tropics but check with your healthcare professional if you’re not sure.

  • Passport.

    Does you baby need its own passport for the destination you’re travelling to? If you live in the UK, for instance, your newborn needs a passport to travel abroad right from day one.

  • Insurance.

    Do you need travel insurance? Or do you need to update existing insurance to cover your new arrival?

  • Health check.

    Just before you go, it’s worth asking your health professional to check your baby for any ear infections that might cause discomfort during a flight, and to recommend baby-safe pain relief you can have handy – especially if they’re teething.

What to pack

Make a list – it’s the only way. You may have to sacrifice a carry-on bag of your own to squeeze all that baby gear onto the flight, but better that than leave something vital behind! 

Carry-on and keep calm

First off, find the perfect carry-on bag. Easy to lift or to roll, not too large or too heavy for the airline’s size and weight rules. But big enough to take a few extra supplies so you’re ready for unexpected delays or missed connections.  

A carry-on bag checklist: 

  • Diapers and changing pad.

  • A baby blanket or wrap. (Handy if you’re breast feeding, or it gets chilly.)

  • A bib and complete change of clothes for baby, just in case. You might want an extra set for you, too.

  • Extra layers. Dressing in layers is the way to go as you never know how hot or cold it might get on board. And you could be landing just as it gets chilly in the evening or blisteringly hot at midday.

  • An AeroMoov Airliner for your car seat if you’re using one on the flight. (Handy for a hire car seat, too.)

  • Plenty of baby food, snacks and formula. (Remember there are volume restrictions on taking liquids through security.)

  • Pre-measured powdered formula if you use it.

  • Wet wipes.

  • Empty plastic bags for used wipes or dirty diapers.

  • An extra dummy or baby bottle.

  • Nice quiet toys, games and books that won't disturb other passengers. Lots!

  • A small medical kit with bandages and non-liquid antiseptic

  • Hand cleaning gel.

  • Any baby medicines, sealed in a separate ziplock bag so you can find them easily. (Never check in medication that you can’t buy where you’re going.)

A check-in bag checklist: 

  • Clothes, favourite toys, diapers, formula and baby food… 

  • A buggy – you may not need to check this in. You might be able to take it onboard so it’s ready and waiting on the runway as soon as you get off the plane. Check your airline’s rules and regs before you set off. 

  • Your own travel cot. Read on to find out why! 

  • If you’re planning to use the travel cot from the hotel or the holiday home, it’s a good idea to at least take your own mattress cover with you – such as the AeroSleep mattress protector

  • An AeroMoov air layer to keep your little one cool and fresh – especially if you’re heading somewhere hot. It’s so light and easy to slip into a case. Use it in your buggy or as a hygiene layer in your hire car child seat. No over-heated sweaty baby where you’re going! 

Why take a travel cot?

If you’re thinking taking your own cot is home from home gone mad, there are very good reasons why, even if your hotel or holiday accommodation offers you one you can use, your own travel cot is well worth the weight and the space on the plane. 

  • Number one, if you pick the right one, like the AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot, it doesn’t take up much space at all. Compact and lightweight at only 5kg, just throw the strap over your shoulder and it’s super-easy to carry through the airport and to check in. 

  • Are you really and truly happy about your child sleeping in a cot that so many other babies have slept in, snuffled in and maybe even worse? We thought not! 

  • Your baby knows its own travel cot. It’s a familiar environment where they know they’re safe, so they’re going to sleep better from the very first night. Holiday happiness all round! 

  • The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot isn’t just a safe sleep space at night, it’s also a safe space to play during the day. Even outside – on the beach, in a park or by the pool – The waterproof base makes sure of that. 

  • It pops up in 2 seconds, packs away almost as fast. Perfect for hotel hopping or switching from indoors to out. You really can take it anywhere, anytime.  

  • Optional extras like a UV50+ sunshade and clip-on mosquito net mean you really can go anywhere, anytime. 

At the airport

Yay! You’re at the airport and the adventure really is about to begin. After you get through the check in and the security queue and the walk to the gate… But plan ahead and make the time at the airport the best possible start to your travels.  

  • Get there early.

    Especially when flying with a baby or toddler, it’s a good idea to plan to arrive as early as you can. You never know what might hold you up on the way, and if you’re an early bird you have a better chance of beating the queues once you’re there. 

  • Tell check in you have a baby on board.

    When you check-in, tell the attendant that you are traveling with a baby and if you have one, a buggy or car seat so that they can tell you what you need to do to sail through smoothly.

  • Check in as much as you can.

    If you want to travel light through the airport, check in as many pieces of luggage as you can. You may want the convenience of taking your buggy all the way to the gate, but then again you might not want to be wrestling with it while you go through security. The more you have to carry, the more stressful it can be.

  • Airport security.

    Even babies need to go through the body scanner or walk-through metal detector. If they’re too tiny to walk, they can be carried through. But they’ll have to come out of the buggy or pushchair while it goes through the luggage X-ray.

  • Just before you board.

    Just before boarding, change your baby's nappy but avoid breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Your little one might just fall asleep straight after, then wake up just as you’re doing the seat finder shuffle and struggling with overhead luggage lockers. Better to wait until you're settled in your seat and then start feeding once things have calmed down.

During the flight

You’ve arrived!

You made it! You got to the airport, through the airport and on the plane. You survived the flight and it’s time for the fun to begin. And if you packed your AeroMoov travel kit, it starts straightaway!

If you’ve got a hire car and child seat waiting for you, just whip out your AeroMoov Airliner and keep your little one cool, dry and protected from the get-go. And once you get to your room, it takes just 2 seconds for your AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot to be up and ready for your little one to sleep, rest or play.

Happy travels!

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