America, here we come! Our first trip as a family of four. 

Guest blog by Annemiek. 

Hi! My name is Annemiek, I am married to Theo-Marien and mum to Elai (3) and Ruby (0). In November, our family took a month-long trip to America to visit Theo-Marien’s brother. It was our first trip as a family of four, and we were all excited to see how it would go! Want to find out how we got on? Read our travel blog here! 

Off we go

Here we are, ready for our adventure! A month of travelling with two children... equals lots of luggage.

The AeroMoov travel cot was naturally an essential item for Ruby. We love that she can always sleep in a familiar bed, and it’s so compact and lightweight that it is perfect on the move. We could check it in at the desk, no problem. So handy! Waiting at an airport with children is quite a challenge, but we were well-prepared. Snacks and toys for the flight? CHECK! 

First stop: Phoenix

It was a long journey, especially with two children. We were so happy to arrive at our first destination: Phoenix! This is where Theo-Marien’s brother lives. So: the perfect first stopover ;-) 

After a few days spent with family, we travelled to Bonsall, California. We had booked a traditional little home in the mountains, in beautiful surroundings. The drive from Phoenix took a couple of hours... an eternity for small children!

By the time we got there, the last thing we wanted to do was struggle to put up a difficult travel cot. You won’t believe how happy I was to get Ruby’s cot ready in no time. Time for her first nap!

We were really looking forward to a day trip to San Diego from here, but we all got ill. We spent the days mostly getting better, catching up on sleep and enjoying the jacuzzi in the garden every now and then. The temperature was pleasant here, so we put the cot outside a few times too. 

Quietness near Los Angeles

After a few nights in Bonsall, we were feeling much better. We journeyed on to Port Hueneme - a quiet town by the sea near Los Angeles. We stayed in a two-bedroom apartment. Ruby slept in her AeroMoov cot in our room, but we also used it as a playpen in the lounge a lot. It gave Ruby a safe place to play. The apartment was only a few minutes away from the beach. Heaven! Actually, we were there most days and people regularly stopped to chat to us. Many said we were a ‘lovely family’, so sweet! It just added that little extra niceness to the trip! We also had a day out at Venice Beach and we sauntered along the Walk of Fame. It’s a must-see, right? ;-)Na een aantal nachten in Bonsall waren we allemaal opgeknapt en konden we verder reizen naar Port Hueneme, een rustige stad aan zee in de buurt van Los Angeles. We verbleven in een appartement met twee slaapkamers. Ruby sliep in haar AeroMoov bedje bij ons op de kamer, maar we hebben het ook vaak in de woonkamer gezet als box. Zo had Ruby een veilig plekje om te spelen. Het appartement was slechts enkele minuten van het strand. Heerlijk! Je kon ons daar eigenlijk elke dag vinden en regelmatig werden we door mensen aangesproken. Velen vonden ons een ‘lovely family’, zo lief! Het maakte de reis nog net dat tikkeltje leuker! We gingen ook eens een dagje naar Venice Beach en maakten een tochtje langs de Walk of Fame. Dat moet je toch gedaan hebben hé ;-)

Next stop: Laguna Hills

We are still basking in the hot temperatures! We stayed in the Laguna Hills and enjoyed the stunning green surroundings. By now, the jet lag had vanished and with only one night feed, we were also having a better night’s sleep. Ruby’s naps during the day also went without a hitch! We had put the cot at the foot of our bed, so that we were close by if Ruby needed us in the night. 

Laguna Hills

We decided to scrap some of our planned outings, because travelling as a couple is very different from having our children with us. Even a visit to the supermarket can be quite an adventure (especially the enormous Walmart). We thought it would be amazing to drive to the Hollywood sign, so we did. What a great outing!   

Enjoying the sun in La Quinta

We’re almost at the end of our trip... It’s gone so fast! Travelling with a toddler and a baby was quite challenging, but we were also genuinely able to enjoy our surroundings and each other. We loved the life outdoors.

In La Quinta, we stayed in a house in a kind of resort. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we were able to make the most of the outdoor pool. And it also put the AeroMoov sun shield to very good use. It meant Ruby could sleep outside safely, or play when it was sunny. We thought about taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway but decided against it in the end, because it is so high up in the mountains and would be very cold. Plenty of cold in the Netherlands, so we wanted to stay in the warmer climes for a little longer ;-)

Time to go home

The last day brought mixed feelings. It had been great to spend time with family and take our little family on an adventure. On the other hand, we also found travelling with two children tough at times - no time for relaxing! After all the travelling and sleeping in different locations, we were also looking forward to being in our own home and our own beds.

Ruby’s travel cot was packed away in the car and the plane and brought back home. We will use it again when we go to visit family closer to home. It’s just so fantastic for Ruby to have a familiar cosy cot, wherever we are.   

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