About us

AeroMoov aims to create a world full of well-intentioned parents. How? By making your life simpler! Our practical, time-saving travel products make it easy to take your baby anywhere. This way, you have more time and energy to embark on adventures together.

With AeroMoov products, your baby is comfortable and safe everywhere. In the city or in pristine nature? No problem! And while you and your little one are on an adventure, we continue to develop products that are even safer, smarter, and of higher quality. Because we also have children ourselves, we demand the utmost from our products. We only bring them to market when we are completely satisfied, so that you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Our values

Always one step ahead

At AeroMoov, we live up to our name. We never stand still! Our travel products are already way ahead, thanks to our unique, breathable 3D-technology and game-changing extras.

Made for an easy life

We don’t just do pretty. We’re the pioneers of practical. It’s all about lighter, faster, simpler. Like our AeroMoov travel cot, up in 2 seconds, down in 10. How’s that for time saving?

Only the best will do

Products so honest-to-goodness useful, so well-made to the highest safety standards, that parents will wonder how they survived a single day before discovering them.

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