Tips for a carefree weekend trip with your baby

When you go on vacation, you want your baby to feel at home like they would... well, at home. You want your little one to play and sleep in a safe place, both indoors and outdoors, and you want to be able to enjoy a carefree weekend trip. Here are a few tips to make sure your vacation runs as smoothly as possible.

Make things easy for yourself

Nobody wants to lug around a huge travel cot that weighs more than your suitcase. The Instant Travel Cot is the kind of travel cot that you can easily fit into your suitcase - on top of all the other baby items, of course - and that you can take from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. A lightweight product in compact packaging.

Oh, and that compact packaging easily fits extra items, like a plushie, an extra sheet, a sleeping bag, you name it.

Take care of your self-care

You're on vacation, so you're meant to relax, read a book, and just spend time on yourself for a little while. You've earned it. And you can! While you enjoy your holiday read, your lovely little one is safe and secure, playing in their travel cot.

Did you know you can upgrade the travel cot with a few amazing and convenient accessories? Protect your child against the UV radiation of the sun and all sorts of nasty insects with the sunshade and the mosquito net, which you can easily attach to the travel cot.

Create a familiar environment for your baby

Things are just that little easier if your baby feels at home. In their own travel cot, your little one will enjoy familiar surroundings, both inside the holiday home or hotel and outside in a park. The Instant Travel Cot is easy to move, so you can use it indoors and outdoors without any problems. It can be set up in a few seconds and likewise folded again in a flash.

Focus on comfort

If your baby feels comfortable and pleasant, your holiday is on the right track. A comfortable mattress with proper back support will allow your little one to sleep soundly and feel great between naps.

Your baby's happiness starts at your trip's beginning, during the ride to your destination. As such, you want your baby to completely feel at ease in the car as well. Thanks to the Air Layer, your little one won't feel too hot in their car seat, and you can start relaxing the moment you lock your house door.

Voilà. With the perfect travel cot as your ideal travel companion, you're ready for your vacation.

All you need now are clear skies, and you'll have the time of your life!

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