Just a little longer before that carefree summer is back. Come to think of it, do carefree summers still exist now that there's a little baby in the house? You need to worry about so much when it comes to protection, don't you? Against the sun? The heat? Insects? Don't panic, we're here to help. Let's start with a clear checklist.


Baby must haves for summer trips

Baby must-haves checklist for your summer vacation Baby must-haves checklist for your summer vacation

Things you should always bring when you take your little one on a trip into the sunny outdoors:

Sun cream

Sun cream is an absolute must-have, both for you and your baby. Go for at least SPF 50 sun cream and reapply every two hours, even if you stay in the shade.


It's quite simple, really: just bring smaller, cuter versions of everything you'd bring for yourself.  Make sure to pick a hat that protects your baby's neck, too.


Smaller and cuter than yours, but no less necessary!

Hydrophilic cloths

These cloths are incredibly convenient. You can use them to create some shade, but make sure not to cover the entire stroller, for example. Use the cloths as a canopy of sorts to quickly create a lot of shade.


Going on a car trip? Your little one will be behind glass, which can get unpleasantly hot. On top of that, your baby will be exposed to lots of UV radiation. For car trips in summer, make sure to use a sunshade at all times. They're easy to attach and very effective, even against UV radiation.

Summer clothes

An obvious one! Dress your baby in light and airy clothes that breathe well, and use sleeping bags that ventilate properly. If you use clothing made of Tencel, you're golden. This fabric is highly absorbent and offers the effective heat dissipation qualities your baby needs when it’s hot. Extra tip: Regularly check your baby's neck to make sure they're not too hot or cold, and adjust their clothes accordingly.

UV Protective Swimwear

Summer sun and water simply belong together. You can certainly let your little one cool down in water now and then, but make sure they wear UV protective swimwear when doing so. These garments offer some of the benefits of suncream, but make no mistake: even with UV protective swimwear, using suncream is a must!

There. If you bring all these things on your summer trips, you'll do just fine. However, if you want to go the extra mile and use safe and super-comfortable products, we've got a few smart suggestions for a chill summer.

Going for a trip in a buggy or car seat?

You can keep your baby cool with ease using the AeroMoov Air Layer: a super-convenient (and super-soft) product that, using 3D technology, allows your little one to sit on a layer of air, which will reduce sweatiness. In turn, this will add some much-needed comfort during car trips or buggy rides. Combine this with the amazing, cheerful designs of the limited editions, and you'll have yourself a travel companion that will make - and keep - everyone happy.

Breathable Air Layer for car seat and stroller Breathable Air Layer for car seat and stroller

Wherever you go this summer, you shouldn't forget the Aeromoov Instant travel cot. Trust us. This convenient, easy-to-set-up-and-take-down travel cot is the ideal companion for destinations close and far. You can easily move it to a spot in the shade and it can be expanded with accessories to offer your little one even more protection, like a sunshade or a mosquito net

AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot holidays AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot holidays

Puckababy is the place to go for light and airy clothing. Tencel Pyjamas made of 100-percent organic Tencel, for example, are the safest undergarments for any sleeping bag. Tencel is heat-regulating and absorbs moisture, so it has a cooling effect as well. The Puckababy sleeping bags themselves also help keep your baby cool on hot days and nights.

Puckababy Organic Tencel summer Puckababy Organic Tencel summer

And while we're on the topic of cots, sleeping soundly on hot days is a lot easier with an AeroSleep mattress protector. This product is likewise very breathable, which means your little one will sleep safely at all times. Thanks to the unique 3D structure that's also present in the Air Layer, excess heat dissipates effectively. The Aerosleep mattress cover perfectly fits the AeroMoov travel cot, too. Two birds, one stone.

AeroSleep breathable mattress protector for summer AeroSleep breathable mattress protector for summer

There you go. With all these tips and products, you're all ready for a brilliant, delightful summer.



Baby must haves for summer trips