How to enjoy Christmas festivities with a baby?

Time to relax! You’ve survived the year. Full of excitement, laughter, new experiences and adventures. And no doubt a few challenges along the way.

So many ways to have festive fun with your little one

Now it’s the holiday season, and if anyone deserves a break, it’s the parent of a 24/7, hands-on bundle of babyhood! So, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanzaa, here are a few tips for making the most of this special time with your littlest loved one – and for grabbing some me time without them, too.

Grab some grown up time.

Yes, we know. This time of year is all about children. But grown-ups need some fun, too. Make some time to catch up with family and friends. The people who know you best. It’s where you can unwind, be yourself, laugh and let go.

Plus, there are more eyes to watch your little one! And with baby safely popped into your AeroMoov travel cot , home or away, it’ll be easier to keep those eyes on them, too. A travel cot makes a great safe space, too, when you visit friends whose homes aren’t quite as baby proof as yours.

People just love cuddling babies, and babies love it right back. So, get-togethers are the perfect opportunity to pass that baby around and give your arms a rest!

Give yourself a night out.

Arrange a sleepover for your beloved baby so you and your partner can spend some quality time together, catch a movie, gaze lovingly at each other over dinner neither of you have cooked, go to a proper grown-up party. Make those willing grandparents happy! And there’s no need to make heavy weather of it. The AeroMoov light and airy travel cot’s a featherweight at just 5 kilos. You can set it up in 2 seconds flat, even in heels and a little black frock.

Go Christmas shopping.

Even the tiniest baby will probably love the sound of carols, the sparkling lights and bright colours on display in the shops. And if they’re a little bit older, they’ll love joining in with the shopping. Because picking out presents for others can be just as much fun as getting them.

Turn them into a wrap star.

Shiny coloured paper, bright baubles, bows, sellotape and string. Do it together and turn wrapping your gifts into a fun craft activity. Just keep sharp scissors away from tiny fingers!

The art of giving.

It’s never too early to learn kindness, especially at this time of year. Why not sit down with your toddler, help them sort through their unwanted baby toys and books, and make up a box to give to a children’s charity that gathers them up?

Wrap up warm.

Even when it’s cold outside, getting out for a walk is a great way to soak up the rays and boost your Vitamin D, breathe in fresh air and give yourself a little workout. Head for your local park, wander through woods, do an evening tour of the wackiest festive lights in your neighbourhood. The bigger and brighter they are, the better your baby will like them.

Take a festive break.

Whether you’re seeking sunshine or heading for the slopes, winter can be the perfect time to get away. Travelling with a baby is easier than you think. It just takes a little planning, and remembering to pack the obvious essentials like a changing bag, clothes and nappies. If you’re still bottle-feeding, you’ll need to take bottles, formula and a steriliser, too. Tiny babies will probably sleep for the whole journey. Older ones will demand entertaining with toys, books and games. And with a packable, portable, lightweight travel cot like AeroMoov, just about anywhere’s possible by road, rail or air.

A long weekend in a Winter wonderland, visiting a Christmas market, escaping to the Caribbean. Maybe even a trip to the North Pole to see a certain gentleman in a red suit. By including the smallest family member in all your travels, you’re storing up so many memories to enjoy as the years go by.

Deck the halls.

If your small person is big enough, why not let them help you decorate the Christmas tree? You could make baubles together out of air-dry clay or salt dough, paint them and roll them in glitter. You might just need to help them out by attaching some string for hanging. Even tiny babies can join the production line. Handprints in festive colours can be turned into their first Christmas cards and decorations that will go straight into your family treasures.

Visit Santa Claus.

Children might one day stop believing in Father Christmas, but they’re never too young to start. Think what a memorable photo you’ll get, holding them next to the big man with the beard. Especially if they’re wearing a mini-me Santa suit or cuter-than-cute Christmas elf outfit. So check out department stores and Winter Wonderlands and find out where the sleigh’s calling in near you.

Dress to impress.

Have some fun dressing your baby in festive wear. There are so many cosy Christmas sweaters and pyjama suits to choose from. You might even find matching outfits for the whole family. And don’t forget to check the charity shops for good-as-new seasonal wear, too. They grow so fast, and holidays are over so quickly, it’s a great way to go.

Bake it special.

Cakes, cookies, puddings and pies. If you’re planning on making and baking extra special seasonal treats, your little one will be only too happy to help. Especially if there’s a chance to get gooey and lick the bowl! And if they’re still too tiny to squidge pastry or stir the batter, just pop them in the AeroMoov travel cot and let them watch you and enjoy all those delicious spicy aromas.

Mother’s little helpers.

Kids just love doing what you do. Even the housework! So, when you’re getting ready for holiday season guests or prepping for parties, let them join in. Just give them a duster or stand them on a step in front of the sink. Or if your baby is still too tiny, let your travel cot be your little helper instead. Use it as a playpen and keep your hands free. Fill it up with toys, use the AeroMoov play arch or turn it into a ball pool and give yourself loads of time to do everything you need to do.  

Read Christmas stories.

There are plenty of fabulous First Christmas books to choose from, including tactile books that tiny babies love to play with. Reading stories together is a great way to take some time out of your hectic holiday programme, calm things down and bond with your little angel.

Don’t forget the down time.

The holiday season can be hectic. Places to go, people to see, fun to be had, and it’s lovely when baby comes too. But the last thing you want is a tired, overstimulated, grouchy grinch. So read the signs. Make your AeroMoov travel cot your friend. It’s a safe, familiar space, home or away, where your little one can calm down and settle down. And while they’re taking a nap, why don’t you take one, too. The family that naps together stays happy together!

However you decide to celebrate, here’s wishing you, your family and your baby a very happy holiday, together.

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