Great day trips with a baby or toddler 

Getting out and about with your baby or toddler is one of the great joys in life. Seeing things fresh through their eyes and sharing all those magic moments of discovery! And there’s really no limit to the places you can go, with a little forward planning and the right kit. Want a few things to do with your newborn? Yes, they’re never too young to explore! Or ideas for days out with 3 year olds? Plus some tips for what to take and how to get the most out of it. Then read on… 


Baby must haves for great day trips

Days out for all ages. Things to do with...

Family places to visit

There are plenty of places especially created for family fun for all ages. Just search ‘Family places to visit near me’ and see what pops up or discover below a couple of cool activities. Or you could simply head into the woods for a soothing day of tree-hugging tranquillity. 

Zoos, wildlife parks and open farms

Seeing all those animals for real brings picture books to life. As well as donkeys, goats and llamas, petting zoos often have a selection of small animals your own small animal can hold and stroke. Also, look out for local farms that open their gates to visitors – they’re great when all the baby lambs and calves are around in the spring

Fun parks and theme parks

For a big family day out, fun parks and theme parks have it all. The attractions, the colour and excitement. If you’re taking a tiny person, just remember to check for any minimum age or height requirements for rides and sidestep disappointment on the day!

Public parks and playgrounds

Make use of your city’s green spaces. Ring the changes by trying different parks on different days, meet up with friends, take a picnic, bubbles, balls and sand toys and make a day of it.

Get close to nature

Take a walk in the woods, take a picnic. If you haven’t got a forest nearby, a park or a garden will provide the green open space you need. Botanical gardens with heated greenhouses or butterfly conservatories can be great when the weather is less than tropical!

The aquarium

A visit to a magically lit indoor aquarium can provide a brilliant sensory experience for your baby, as well as soothing them. It’s true! Scientists have studied the calming nature of fish tanks and found that exposure to an aquarium can help reduce stress and anxiety. Just perfect for terrible twos!

A day at the beach

A trip to the seaside just about ticks all the boxes. So many stimulating sights and sounds to discover, sand between their fingers and a dip in the sea for their toes. And there’s endless fun to be had with just a simple bucket and spade.

Arts and crafts

Kids love getting creative. Look for craft classes that cater for young artists – like painting or pottery. The messier the better. And you don’t have the cleaning up to do!

Take them to the movies

Check out your local cinema. They may well offer special daytime baby screenings with soft lighting and lower volume. And they allow you to roam free in case your little movie goer gets restless.

Transportation joy

What is it about babies and things with wheels? Cars, trains, tractors… they just love them! Take them on a train, an old steam choochoo or even a normal train to town, and watch their eyes light up. And if they’re old enough, find a mini go-kart track and let them loose behind the wheel! Vroom, vroom!

Take to the water

Many swimming pools have dedicated baby sessions, and starting your newborn swimming is a great gift to give them. That first swimming session can happen just weeks after the birth, just as soon as you feel fit and well enough to get in the water. A few tips… You can get swim nappies for newborns, it’s a good idea to use a baby moisturiser to protect from chlorine and then keep an eye on their body temperature – babies can’t regulate it like we do and can get cold even in a heated pool. Look for a pool with sub-tropical temperatures and you should be OK. For tiny tots, a splash pad or paddling pool is a great way to stay cool on a hot day, letting them dip in their toes without actually swimming.

Rainy day play days

Look for an indoor play area and let your little gymnast roll around in a ball pit, climb everywhere and generally tire themselves out. Hot tip, make sure your children wear socks, as soft play areas tend to be shoeless zones. And check in advance that the venue isn’t closed for a private party to avoid tears on arrival!

Library events

Check out special baby events at your local library. Hearing a story read, getting used to handling books, listening to music, wandering the aisles, meeting other babies, it’s all good!

Play dates, play groups and support groups

It doesn’t have to be a big, fancy day out. Sometimes just getting together with other parents in crime and giving your baby a chance to socialise can be all you need. 

Museums and galleries

Look out for children’s museums – they’ll be specially designed to amuse and amaze smaller visitors, with plenty of hands-on experiences. But there’s no reason why you can’t just visit your favourite ‘grown-up’ gallery or museum, especially when your baby is still ‘portable’! They’ll still be soaking up all the new sights and sounds.

Baby goes too, somewhere YOU want

Sometimes it really is just about you! So go ahead, meet up with friends for lunch, book a manicure, go window-shopping. Baby will be happy, as long as they’re with you! If they’re happy away from you, too, find somewhere with a crèche, like a spa or gym, and enjoy some just me time. Or why not take them into your old workplace, have a good catch up and let your colleagues coo themselves crazy!

Things to do on Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day is one date on the calendar when you’ll be looking for an especially memorable day out! So make it something you enjoy, whatever that is. A peaceful picnic under the trees, a lavish lunch, a visit to a beautiful garden… Choose a venue that adds a little extra to make Mum’s feel special on their special day! And book well in advance.

Tips for an amazing day trip with a baby

A day trip is supposed to be fun for everyone. Here are a few simple tips to make your trips less stressful, make sure a good time is had by all and to prevent tears before bedtime!Een dagje uit moet leuk zijn. Voor iedereen. Dit zijn enkele simpele tips om jullie uitjes minder stressvol te maken en te zorgen dat iedereen het naar het zin heeft en ‘s avonds tevreden gaat slapen.

Tip 1: Start by keeping it short and sweet

Time your outing to fit in with baby feed and sleep times. If your toddler will only sleep at home, pick trips that get you back by nap time. It may seem extravagant to pay for a ticket for just a couple of hours, but your little one will still have had fun and been stimulated by the new experience. And if they arrive home happy, not overtired and grouchy, it’s money well spent!

Tip 2: Always carry snacks

Once your baby is old enough for solid food, make sure you have snacks handy at all times! Crackers, cut up fruit, vegetable sticks. Anything you can reach for quickly when things get ‘hangry’!

Tip 3: Bring a partner in crime to help out

If this is your first outing, and it’s just you, not a big family day out, take another grown-up! Your partner, a grandparent or even a friend. Just having an extra pair of hands can make a big difference. But you’ll soon have day tripping down to a fine art, and it’ll just be you and your baby all the way!

Tip 4: Make the journey fun

Put some thought into how to entertain your little one on the journey. Singing songs, playing peek-a-boo, story books, toys… If you’re driving, have someone sit in the back of the car to amuse them. If baby arrives happy, your day’s off to a good start!

Hopefully, when it’s time to return home, they’ll have had such a good time they’ll just sleep all the way: dreaming of the beach, the bears, the ball pit or the butterfly fish, depending on where you’ve just been for your big day out!

What to take on your day trip

We know you’ve got all the essentials already. Baby changing bag, fresh clothes (for you, too), sunscreen (if needed), toys, books, snacks and drinks… but have you thought of these essential extras that could just make the difference between a day out… and a great day out?

  • A buggy and car seat liner. By the end of a long day trip, your little one might have spent quite a few hours in their car seat and buggy, especially if they’re used to napping in the pram. In summer, that can mean a hot, sweaty, crosspatch baby! But slip in a lightweight, washable Air Layer and they’ll stay cool, calm and comfortable all day long thanks to the 3D technology. And so do you! There’s a design to fit any make of push chair or car seat, all with the same 3D technology that means your little one is literally floating on air.

  • A baby carrier. – Take a baby carrier as well as the pram. It weighs and packs away to nothing, and you’ll be really glad you’ve got it with you when baby’s had enough of the buggy and just won’t walk. (Or can’t walk yet.) Babies love being up close to you and seeing the world the same way you do. Fidella baby carriers are light enough for summer, and their ergonomic design supports your back and means you’ll never get tired. And there’s a fabulous range of fabrics to choose from, too, to match any wardrobe, his or hers.

  • A travel cot. – So, why pack a travel cot if you’re not staying overnight? Think about it. You’re spending the day out there in the great outdoors, on a beach or under the trees Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe space to pop baby into when while you play ball with the older kids, oversee the barbecue or just chill out for a few well-earned minutes. The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot fits easily into a car boot, goes up in 2 seconds and doubles as a sleep and play space. It’s even got a waterproof bottom and optional mosquito net, ready for anything, anywhere! And when it’s time to go home, it takes just a few more seconds to fold away and pack into its own carry bag.


Baby must haves for great day trips