How to choose a travel cot?

With a good travel cot your baby can catch a nap and rest anywhere. On vacation but also when friends invite you over for dinner or when visiting your in-laws on Sunday.

Finding the perfect travel cot: tips & tricks

A travel cot is never out of place, even at home. For instance, a travel cot that’s easy to set up and fold away is perfect if you want to have your hands free for a while. Meanwhile your little one can play or sleep safely (close to you). So nothing but benefits but... which cot to choose?

What do you need to look for in a travel cot?

Tailored to your life

Naturally you want a travel cot that’s a perfect fit for your life and meets your every requirement. First of all a good travel cot has to make your life easier. A model that sets up quickly and folds down just as easily is always your best choice. Travel cots that are almost impossible to set up without a degree in engineering usually end up in the darkest corner of the attic.

A travel cot for use at home and on vacation, to sleep and play

You want to make optimum use of the cot, really use it, at home and out and about. You’ve booked a holiday cottage or a hotel? With a travel cot you no longer have to worry if a children’s bed is available. Extra tip: a good travel cot can also serve as a playpen so take that into account in your decision!


If you’re on the go a lot then choose a lightweight cot. Your back will thank you! By the way, such a light cot is also perfect for home use. When you’re having friends over and the party moves from the living room to the terrace you can easily take the cot with you..


In addition to weight there’s also the dimensions to consider. You want the cot to fit in the car, even with a couple of suitcases in there. Travel cots with a sturdy carrier bag are an absolute plus, especially if the bag is large enough to stow away some extra gear: a sleeping bag, a blanket, your child’s favourite cuddly toy or whatever your darling needs to feel totally at ease.

For babies and toddlers

Some cots also have a practical intermediate level that keeps you from having to bend over too far to put your baby down or pick it up. Yet another bonus for your back. This way the cot ‘grows’ alongside your baby, which is great for you, your child and your wallet! It’s also advisable to choose a cot with transparent sides. It will keep your baby from feeling isolated and it’s easier for you to keep an eye on things.

Stable and sturdy

It sounds obvious but be sure to pick a cot that is stable and sturdy enough. Your child should be able to stand up without the entire cot toppling over, spilling your little one and its little stuffed friends to the floor. A sturdy bed not only ensures blissful sleep for your baby, it puts your mind at ease as well.

High-quality mattress

And finally, choose a cot with a firm mattress that offers good support for your baby’s back. Buying quality has its rewards, in every respect!


Accessorising isn’t just fun, it’s also very practical! For instance, a travel cot that allows you to mount a sunshade or a mosquito net is a travel cot you’ll love to use over and over.

A sturdy, high-quality and comfortable travel cot creates a miniature second home for your child, wherever you are. A quiet, comfortable nook that’s soothingly familiar to your little one. Wonderful for your child and one less worry for you.

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