Five reasons why Elke from Sunkissed is a fan of the AeroMoov® travel cot

Guest blog by Elke Vanhouche


I'm Elke, mum of 2 (Nowa - 7 months and Louiz - 4 years old). In 2020, I founded Sunkissed, an Instagram page and website where I provide inspiration on child-friendly trips and getaways. We test all these trips and excursions ourselves, so we have quite a bit of travel experience at home and abroad with the kids. Wondering why we are such a fan of the AeroMoov travel bed? Read all about it below!

Light weight

The AeroMoov travel cot weighs only 5 kg. Ideal for transporting or taking to the beach. We often put it on the trolley or carry it over our shoulder when we go to the beach. The bed also comes in a handy storage bag with extra room for small (beach) toys, beach towels or spare clothes, for example. That saves an extra beach bag on our arm!

Quickly set up and tucked away

I remember when we were researching baby gear for our first son, there was a competition underway with AeroMoov. Whoever could set up and fold the cot the fastest won an AeroMoov cot. Well, I still can't get over how fast some parents could set up and fold the cot, but I do know that at the time I thought " that's a must have!". To this day, it's still one of our best baby gear investments. Not only when the minis go to sleep, but also at the beach or by the pool, the bed is ready to use in seconds.

Travel bed and play park in one

Nothing more convenient than having a play park on holiday too. In some holiday homes, there is a bed or play park, but it is quite heavy or big so you can't use it outside. Because the AeroMoov is so light and easy to set up and fold, you can use the travel cot anywhere. During the day we use it as a play park or bed by the pool or in the garden of our holiday home, at night we use it as a bed.

UV screen and mosquito net

One of the reasons why we are really happy with the AeroMoov travel cot is because it has a UV screen and mosquito net . In most cases, we go on holiday to sunny destinations where UV protection is really needed. Usually there is an umbrella available at the pool or we take one with us to the beach, but of course we have also been in the situation where there was no umbrella available at the pool. Thanks to the UV screen, the mini is always safe in the AeroMoov. By the way, you can use the UV screen and the mosquito net together.

Easy to bring along

Whether we travel by car or plane, the AeroMoov travel bed always goes with us. Because the cot is so 'flat', it fits easily at the bottom of the boot. If we travel by plane, we often put various other things in the handy storage bag such as a blanket, tetracloths,... Ideal way to save space in the suitcase! Furthermore, the AeroMoov travel bed can be checked in with the luggage and after landing you can pick it up in the oversized luggage area.

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