How to handle the heat with your baby

Yay! It’s summertime and the sun has got his hat on. Maybe you should, too! And you’ll certainly need to take special care of your baby when the going gets hot. So read on for handy tips about how to handle the heat, keep your cool in a heatwave and enjoy your days in the sun.  

How hot is too hot?

When the sun comes out, so do we! Outside time is important for babies’ growth and development. And as long as you take all the sensible steps to keep them safe (you’ll find most of them right here) you can enjoy the summer.

Babies don’t sweat like us grown-ups, meaning they don’t have their own internal cooling system installed just yet. And delicate new skin needs protecting from the sun’s rays, even more so than ours.

If it’s anything above 23ºC you’ll need to take extra care of your little one. And once it hits 32ºC, don’t stay outdoors for longer than 15-30 minutes at a time before you take a break and head inside to cool down.

Ho w does hot weather affect babies?

Babies and children just can’t deal with heat as efficiently as adults. Their body temperature rises faster and they don’t sweat as much, reducing their ability to cool themselves down. This means they can quickly be affected by the impact of heat to the point of overheating or being affected by a heat-related illness.

If they’re already poorly, even if it’s just a slight cold, they’ll need extra TLC (tender love and care) in hot weather to make sure they’re getting enough fluids and keeping cool. It goes without saying, if you have any concerns about your baby’s health, whatever the weather, always get advice from your health professional! 

Keep your cool

Stay inside

Tempting though it is to head outdoors or hit the beach (especially if your summers are short!) out in the midday sun is not the best place to be with a heat-sensitive baby.

Plan your outdoor living for the morning when it’s cooler, or save your outing for late afternoon or evening. Try to stay inside when temperatures are at their highest – usually between 11.00 and 17.00. 

Beat the heat outdoors

If you want to, or have to, spend time outdoors when it’s hot, just take all the necessary precautions to protect your little one from the heat and the rays. Here are a few top tips for staying safe and having fun in the sun.

  • Try and stay in the shade. Set up camp under the trees or relax under a parasol by the pool.

  • Make sure tearaway toddlers take lots of breaks, a nap after running around and lots of fluids regularly and often. 

  • Protect delicate skin from the sun’s rays with lightweight cover-up clothing, a hat and SPF factor 50+ sun cream formulated for children. For older littl’uns, long-sleeved, long-legged swim suits are ideal for water play.

  • The Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot is a great bit of kit for the great outdoors. You can make your baby’s own shade with the snap on UV protected sunshade . The travel cot has one solid side to shield your baby from the sun or wind. The other 3 sides are a see-through mesh. Letting you keep an eye on them and keep them safe, allowing air to circulate freely and keep them cool. Perfect for playing outside.

Stay hydrated

Everybody gets dehydrated in hot weather, but babies and children dehydrate more quickly. Things to remember: 

  • Your littlest one can’t tell you they’re thirsty, so you’ll need to be ready with extra fluids and always on watch for any signs of overheating. 

  • Under 6 months? When temperatures rise, offer your little one extra feeds. They’ll get all the fluids they need from breastmilk or formula. And in any case, it’s generally advised not to give babies water until they’re 6 months or older.  

  • Over 6 months? Now you can give them sips of cooled, boiled water in between or after feeds.  

  • A simple sign that will tell you that they’re getting enough fluids – six to eight pale, wet nappies in the last 24 hours. 

  • And if you’re breastfeeding, make sure you keep yourself topped up, too, by drinking plenty of water. 
    Toddlers and young children need extra liquid in the tank as well. They’ll be too busy having fun to think about drinking, so regular reminders will be needed! There’s no need for fruity or fizzy drinks – water is always best. No sugars, kinder to teeth! 

Happy travels

All that lovely hot weather and long summer days. Naturally, that’s the time we all jump in our cars and head to the hills, the beach or just to spend a day with grandma. So here are a few dos and don’ts to make sure your baby arrives cool, calm and contented. 

  • DO plan to travel in the parts of the day when it’s cooler, or even overnight. 

  • DO pop your little one into something light, loose and comfortable. 

  • DO make sure you take lots of breaks and give them plenty of fluids throughout the journey. 

  • DO invest a few Euros in an AeroMoov Air Layer for your baby’s car seat. The 3D technology means your little one is literally floating on air, keeping them cool and dry all journey long. No more hot, sweaty, scratchy baby! Pretty designs and washable, too.  

  • DON’T ever use a blanket or wrap to keep the sun off your baby. It’ll just cause them to get even hotter. Use proper sunshades on windows instead. 

  • DON’T ever leave your baby in the car. (As if you would!) Not even for a second. Even with the window open. Cars rapidly heat up to danger levels, reaching temperatures well into the red zone and way hotter than the outside air. Babies and children can very quickly overheat inside a car! 

Protect your baby's skin from the sun.

We’ve all become more aware of just how risky too much exposure to the sun can be, and how important it is to protect ourselves. Even more so for your baby’s delicate skin. So what’s a safe way to do it, and what’s not? 

Babies under 6 months

  • DON’T use sunscreen if your baby is under 6 months of age. The chemicals can irritate tender skin and cause rashes. 

  • DO protect newborns and small babies by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Staying in the shade, cover up with light clothes, use sunshades on their stroller, playpen or in car windows. The AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot has an optional snap-on sunshade that’s ideal for keeping the rays away from your baby while they sleep or play outside.

Babies 6 months and older

  • DO use sunscreen – look for one that’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. It will be less likely to sting baby’s eyes or irritate their skin. 

  • DO check the pack. Does the sunscreen give you both UVA and UVB protection? Is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 or more? Is it waterproof if you’re planning on dipping your toes in the sea or heading for the paddling pool? 

  • DO slap on the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, and reapply every two hours – or sooner if your baby has been swimming or sweating.

What to do if my baby gets too hot?

You’ll know when your baby is getting too hot – their face is flushed, they might seem droopy and drowsy, they won’t want to eat or drink – and if they’re a little bit older, they might be sweating a lot. 
If you think your baby is overheated, take them into a cool space, apply damp cloths to their skin or give them a cool (but not cold) bath using a soap-free wash. Pop them into fresh, dry clothes and offer milk or formula to get them rehydrated. Hopefully these simple steps will work, and your baby will soon be back to their normal bright-eyed self.  
If you notice a heat rash – little red pimples or blisters – don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal in tiny babies if they get a little hot and sweaty. Just do all of the above to cool them down and freshen them up. No need for skin powders, creams or ointments, it should die down over the next days. 
If, however, after all the cooling methods above your little one is still hot, breathing fast or vomiting and it’s a while since you had to change a wet diaper, contact your health professional straightaway. They could be dehydrated or suffering from heat related illness. 

Ready, steady, summer!

The weather forecast says blue skies all the way, you know all there is to know about handling the heat and keeping your baby safe. So bring it on, summer! You’re ready to enjoy life under the sun. 

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